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M Magazine (Mytowne Silicon Valley) offers ‘Spring Awakening’ advice

The March issue of Mytowne Silicon Valley

A fascinating article in the March issue of M Magazine (Mytowne Silicon Valley) gives readers some valuable advice as spring prepares to bloom on March 20. The article – entitled “Your Spring Awakening: Mind, Body, and Soul” by Marla Tomazin – offers “six ways to breathe fresh springtime air into your life.”

“There’s no better time than during the renewal of spring to refresh your mind, body, and soul,” Tomazin states in the article. Among the six ways Tomazin describes are “Clean Your Closet” (“A messy closet is a metaphor for a messy life,” Tomazin writes. “De-cluttering the spaces in your home will help de-clutter your life.”); “Get Some Fresh Air” (“Welcome the sunshine and springtime air by taking a walk (or run!) outside a few times a week.”); “Do Some Weeding” (“Individuals who are critical, mean-spirited, jealous, or just plain negative can spoil your own happiness and even infect you with their poor outlooks.”); “Set Healthy Boundaries” (“With everyone in your life – even with people who make you feel good and who have your best interests at heart – it’s important to set healthy boundaries.”); “Get Rid of Bad Habits” (“You can consciously improve your reactions, change your routines, and become healthier – mentally, emotionally, and physically.”); and “Plant Yourself in Something New!” (“You’ll blossom when you’re doing things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.”).

Read the article here.

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