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McCrea’s Candies: The chemistry of caramel

McCrea’s Candies caramels are now available at Watercourse Way

Those who browse through our eclectic Retail Gallery are likely to find a tasty new addition: delicious, artisan caramels from McCrea’s Candies. These mouth-watering wonders come in different sizes, from smaller bites just for you to larger packages for sharing. “Black Lava Sea Salt,” “Dark Roasted Mocha” and “Single Malt Scotch” are among the tantalizing flavors available.

McCrea’s Candies was founded by scientist Jason McCrea, who tapped into his background in chemistry and appreciation for natural ingredients to create McCrea’s caramels.

“Jason is a bit quirky, downright odd sometimes. But you’ll love him because woven into his eccentricities are integrity, honesty and a firm commitment to quality. In the ways that matter, McCrea’s caramels are his best work,” the company states on its website.

Can’t decide which flavor suits your fancy? Don’t sweat it – that’s what McCrea’s assorted “Flavor Family” pack is for, which includes “Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt,” “Deep Chocolate,” “Classic Vanilla” and others. Chemistry has never tasted so good.

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