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Holiday gifts for that special someone


Our retail department is loaded with holiday goodies, such as candles from Himalayan (top) and jewelry from Hawkhouse (bottom).

With fall leaves lazily dropping from their parent trees and the chill air encouraging coats and scarves, it’s crystal clear that the holiday season is upon us. Along with being a wonderful destination spa, Watercourse Way is also a great destination for all of your gift-giving needs.

Our retail department is bursting with goodies this year. Check out our stock of gorgeous gift candles from Himalayan, Illume, Skeem and Voulspa. Pick up a luxurious scarf from Tourance, a San Francisco-based company, or peruse our collection of exquisite purses, satchels and handbags from ELK and Graf & Lantz.

We have a veritable treasure trove of new jewelry from Hawkhouse, Debbie Fisher, Roost and Double V, not to mention a cornucopia of holiday ornaments available and many more items to surprise and delight.

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