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Compassion fuels Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue

For more than 15 years, Bay Area-based nonprofit Rocket Dog Rescue has been “dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs from overcrowded animal shelters.” The organization’s ultimate goal is “to create a world where all companion animals have loving and permanent homes and where no good-natured dogs, no matter what their age, are killed in shelters because they are considered to be surplus or un-adoptable.”

Rocket Dog Rescue was launched in 2001 by animal activist Pali Boucher and is an all-volunteer, home-based organization that is supported completely by donations. Rocket has been responsible for the adoption of more than 8,300 dogs since its inception thanks to tireless volunteer efforts, community support and its “leave no dog behind” motto.

Just a few of the dogs currently up for adoption through Rocket include Curtis, a Boxer/Bull Terrier mix; Ollie, a Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix; and Squirty Magoo, a Chihuahua. Rocket holds weekly adoption events throughout the Bay Area and is often looking for dog-loving volunteers to help further its mission. Visit the Rocket Dog Rescue website to donate.

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